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Liquor Licensing

 James Beimford has over thirty years’ experience handling liquor license issues from the very simple to complex and contested license hearings. He has handled liquor licenses in virtually every jurisdiction in Metro Denver and the Front Range. Our goal is to get the client licensed as quickly as possible in the most cost effective manner. In most licensing situations our benefit to the client is navigating through the licensing process as quickly as possible. When as client is trying to open a restaurant, tavern, or liquor store, time is of the essence. We pride ourselves in obtaining final license approval as fast as possible. When a client has a real estate, lease or a purchase contract that is contingent upon a liquor license we understand that the timing of the license approval, or receipt of the final license are critical and extremely time sensitive. Let us help put our 30 plus years of experience to work for you so you can open or start construction of your restaurant, tavern, liquor store, or brew pub as soon as possible.

Landlord Tenant Law

James has over 30 years of experience reviewing and negotiating commercial real estate leases. A commercial lease is probably the most important document a small business owner will ever sign. Small businesses need to know the risks they are taking before they sign a lease. Let us help negotiate your lease and make sure you understand your responsibilities before you proceed. Issues such as length of personal guarantees and Landlord responsibilities to repair premises must be understood before a business signs a commercial lease.

Zoning law

Liquor Licensing very often involves zoning issues. In the city of Denver zoning issues will need to be resolved before a business may apply for a liquor license. In cases involving outdoor dining a restaurant may need to apply for a special use exemption to allow any outdoor service. Let us use our expertise to allow you to get your business up and running as soon as possible. 

Business Formation

Our firm will help you with simple business formation. We do not handle complicated business formation issues, however, we work with several law firms that we will recommend for complicated matters. If you have outside investors or need formation documents which involve multiple partners we will make sure you consult with attorneys that are experts in this important area. If you are a sole owner or if you need simple documents to file for your liquor license we can help you get started.

Criminal Law

Mr. Beimford started his career as a city prosecutor for the city of Littleton. He's handled numerous County Court misdemeanors and municipal violations including DUI’s, driving under suspicion, domestic violence, and traffic. With over 30 years’ experience handling County Court and Municipal criminal defense work you can trust his experience and expertise.

Personal Injury

Jim has years of experience handling personal injury type cases including auto accidents, assault and premises liability. We act as co-counsel with several law firms and can advise you as the client the best possible representation. There is never a charge for a consultation on a personal injury matter. Once we have accessed your case we will provide you with options including possible referrals to lawyers and law firms that will best represent your interest. 

Gaming Licensing

With years of experience obtaining gaming licenses, we can help you navigate the complex process involved with a gaming application. We understand that time equals money when trying to open a gaming related business or obtain a license needed for gaming related employment. We handle all gaming matters including discipline proceedings and hearings.