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Liquor Licensing

James Beimford has over thirty years’ experience handling liquor license issues from the very simple to complex and contested license hearings. He has handled liquor licenses in virtually every jurisdiction in Metro Denver and the Front Range. Jim's experience includes all types of Colorado Liquor Licenses, including defending liquor code violations. He also has extensive experience in obtaining licenses at the Federal Level with the Tax and Trade Bureau ("TTB").

Our goal is to get the client licensed as fast as possible in the most cost effective manner. In most licensing situations our benefit to the client is navigating through the licensing process as quickly as possible. When as client is trying to open a restaurant, tavern, or liquor store, time is of the essence. When a client has a real estate, lease or a purchase contract that is contingent upon a liquor license we understand that the timing of the license approval, or receipt of the final license are critical and extremely time sensitive.

Let us help put our 30 plus years of experience to work for you so you can open or start construction of your restaurant, tavern, liquor store, brew pub, winery, or distillery as soon as possible.